Pictures inspiring

So many pictures inspired me everyday, specially in the fashion industry where we can find so much inspiration from the runways to the photo-shoots. I'm going to do now some posts about my favorites photographers and their work. First of all I would like to tell you about Terry Richardson; he were first called a "porno chic" photographer but I guess that he became with the years a fashion photographer. His work is very provocative and people use to tell that he likes sex, unaffected, humor and of course to provoked. That's what we can find in his photographs that are amazing and that always take you in his own world without any taboos. He shots celebrities, models, friends, animals, his mother, cities and not to mention for some famous magazines as VogueHarper's BazaarI-DGQ or Purple. I made a selection of some pictures from his Tumblr where you can find the most of his work.

Tom Ford shoes
Pharell Williams
He and Lady GaGa with who he is friend
Lindsey Wixson

He, Nicolas Formichetti and Lady GaGa at the after party from Thierry Mugler runway

For the Lady GaGa lovers I wanted to tell you that he has made a book with her, following her on tour and everywhere she has been to. This book is amazing!
Lady GaGa X Terry Richardson
Love Leon.


The Film Dresses

Well I finally decided to show it, I wasn't sure to do it because the project wasn't really finish but I think I can do it now! So the story begins when I met a fashion designer who were doing the collection for the Jean Vallon runway in October (this is a chain of hairdressing salons in France). She showed me a part of the collection and she actually made like 3 dresses with films dandruffs and I founded this idea incridible, so she gave me two boxes of drandruffs to make dresses or whatever I want with it. That evening went home I just took my mannequin and begin to imagine a dress, and something like two hours after, a lot of inspiration and some music  in the background the dress was finished. 

After this, as promised I sent to the stylist some pictures of my others dresses and of this one.She actually loved it and asked to me if I was interested in doing a dress for the runway because she missed only one dress in dandruffs. I said YES! She told me that this one was really beautiful but that it isn't bulky enough for the runway. So I first draw one more bulky and sent to her

She loved it and I just had to begin!
So I started to worked on it with the skirt of the dress and I realized that it had not the result that I wanted... this is how you can see that the thing that you have in mind can change like this because I just searched how I could do something else with what I had. And I just found another way to do it, the result is not as on the drawing but certainly better for me.

This is it, the dress has been in the runway and I had a great experience to be one whole day in the backstage seeing how a fashion runway is setting up. Some pictures of it

Love, Leon.


LB dress 3

When I found this fabric I just loved it at the first look! It reminds me so much the McQueen's fabrics, it's like with snakes, leopard and other animals pattern. Still Elina for the model, she's wonderfull!

Love Leon.


LB dress 2

Well after showing you the first dress that I made I'm going to show you another one. I made it two days ago with two different tissues that I really love. I kinda like that one, it is very chew. A lot of people told me that it has a little Japan style, can't wait to have your mind of it!

This is Elina  one of my best friend who use to wear the dresses that I created, we made a photoshop with every dresses today that I'm going to show you soon! 

Tell me what you thing about this one, the next one is comming soon!

Love, Leon.


First LB dress

My passion for fashion came at my youngest age, I've always love everything about clothes, about shoes, about all this world. So I have always created some stuffs but I actually made my first dress this year, something like ten months ago. I found some wonderful tissues at a fabric store, and it has really inspired me for doing a dress. So this is my first dress and this is make with only one piece of tissue that wound  around the body, just tell me what do you think about it. After this one I'm going to show you all the others.

This is my best friend, Manon who's wearing the dress

The others dress and creations are coming soon. Waiting for your mind.

Love, Leon.