LB dress 2

Well after showing you the first dress that I made I'm going to show you another one. I made it two days ago with two different tissues that I really love. I kinda like that one, it is very chew. A lot of people told me that it has a little Japan style, can't wait to have your mind of it!

This is Elina  one of my best friend who use to wear the dresses that I created, we made a photoshop with every dresses today that I'm going to show you soon! 

Tell me what you thing about this one, the next one is comming soon!

Love, Leon.


First LB dress

My passion for fashion came at my youngest age, I've always love everything about clothes, about shoes, about all this world. So I have always created some stuffs but I actually made my first dress this year, something like ten months ago. I found some wonderful tissues at a fabric store, and it has really inspired me for doing a dress. So this is my first dress and this is make with only one piece of tissue that wound  around the body, just tell me what do you think about it. After this one I'm going to show you all the others.

This is my best friend, Manon who's wearing the dress

The others dress and creations are coming soon. Waiting for your mind.

Love, Leon.


I know a genius, his name is Alexander

Alexander McQueen, what can I say except that he is part of THE genius of the fashion industry! I discovered his work only two years ago, when he first worked with Lady GaGa (I’m a fan!) on her Bad Romance video. Well I was just blown away when I saw the Armadillo Shoes! As a big shoes fan I just loved them at the first look. So after this I learned more about his work and I fall in love with all his creations, everything is so beautiful and working accurately. I think it’s honorable to do an article to him and for everything he has done.
I made a selection for you with every most beautiful creations that he made over the lasts ten years, this is a little bit long because he made such a lot of beautiful things but I can tell you that if you're a McQueen's fan you will love this article. Much to tell you that if you don't really like McQueen it might be a little boring for you so just run to the next page.

The shoes

The Armadillo Shoes

And the other shoes of the runway

After his death Sarah Burton, his assistant supported the McQueen house. So this is the first collection without Alexander, I was happy to see that she kept the same style as him

The shoes

The shoes

Well I worked on this article for almost a whole day so if you want to take the pictures to put them on your blog or whatever you can but just please mention my name (it is a lot of work to gather every pictures of every runways). 

Love, Leon. :)