Pop Art Section

I think that the pop art is my favorite painting style! There are a lot of artists that created this style and my favorites are certainly Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Keith Harring and Jackson Pollock.
I was this summer in Cologne in the Ludwig Museum: me with one of my favorite paint from Roy Lichtenstein!

The most incridible in the paints Lichtenstein made must be the time he past on it, I mean before I saw the paints in real I thought it was only prints but it isn't! It's actually only paint, everything is done by hand!
I'm going to show some of his paints. (The pictures comes from a book)

I also made some inspired paints of his style

I'm not going to show you some of the Worhol paints because I guess that everybody have already saw them, but to stay in the theme of the blog I wanted to show you the Jackson Pollock jacket that I made!

Love, Leon.

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