(I found this one in the april number of the french Vogue)
I'm sorry for no posting more often but now I'm on holidays so I'm ready to prepare more articles about my inspirations, my photographs and even more...
So today I'm doing this one with a selection of good music you should listen during your summertime this year!
I guess I should begin with the title track Holiday from the one and only Madonna

The inevitable David Bowie
"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

So here's my little first playlist of the summer, I will post some more in the next posts. Just some various tracks that will make your summer more happy.

 I'll let you discover the others songs if you don't already know the most of them
Sky Ferreira by Terry Richardson
Lana Del Rey in National Anthem

Well it is actually not my favorite track from Lana but I have to say that I really like the video. She's replaying the famous "Kennedy Assasination" scene. She's really playing with these inspiring periods, her look, her style and her videos are all about it. This also must be why I appreciate her so much including the fact that she's making fabulous music.
Guy Bourdin
One of my favorite picture that Bourdin made, it is really inspiring and I find the idea amazing! Natalia Kills actually took it in her video Wonderland.
Wonderland - Natalia Kills

Some pictures from a recent shooting I've made with a friend.
Love Leon.

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  1. wow) I like it. your photo is beautiful!