LB - Leon Boat

Okay here we are, I didn't post anything for months for many reasons but this made me back. I've been doing on a lot of different project, as I practice dance more than I've never did before and that I had a Microphone to record my songs like 4 months ago I had no time to make new clothes even if I tried but I still didn't finish them. I write songs for more than 3 years and now I finally can record them, even if they're still demo versions at least I can give everybody a taste of what I'm doing. So the first I decided to post is "Leon Boat" that might be a perfect introduction to all of this, and as simple as it is I did it as close as I can from the version I imagine. The video was produced by one of my friend Nadeg Gasc who's a talented photagrapher (here's her website) and the two beautiful girls we find in it are Elina Stoflique and Julie De Pückler.
So enjoy and tell me fast what you think about it.

Love Leon.

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