Fashion week Paris

Here arrived the lasts fashion show from Paris, I made a selection of my favorites ones. Now that I'm on Hollidays since a fiew weeks I do have the time to do all of this (finally) So here I am in Germany, In Cologne and the weather is perfect to hang out and looking for some beautiful clothes and other stuffs. I will make an article this week with the things I've found! But now place to the runway.First I'd like to show you the Last Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture, as always it is amazing. Not as incridible as his previous Haute Couture shows but still very inspiring, beautiful and tipical Gaultier.He choose for this collection to play with dark colors, especially black but also with clear colors like grey, gold & white. For the spirit of it I guess he was inspired by the 20's and very chic years.
We find the same inspiration in the scene's costumes he created for the last Madonna's tour, wich I'm actually going to see tomorrow night (can't wait!). By the way they are amazing too.
Valentino Haute Couture.
Amazing as usual, they never stop to impressed us. They choose to use accurate colors, especially dark blue, red blooded and also black & gold. We find a lot of long and beautiful dresses, as I like them chic and sometimes sexy at the same time.
Givenchy Pre Show
It is only a foretaste of the last Givenchy Collection.
In my next post I'll put more different shows but also menswear , I can't now because I'm not on my own computer.  But for now What's your mind about these three fabulous Haute Couture collections?

Love, Leon.

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  1. Great collections! Everything is so inspiring. =)